How do we do it?

We support primarily 2 technology stacks together with desktop and mobile clients.

The engineers who work on each of our chosen platforms work exclusively on their platform of choice; i.e. The Java, PHP, iOS, Android and UI development staff are specialized.

All integration and deployment systems run on Linux or UNIX based platforms. We have extensive experience in leveraging the full scale of services and infrastructure provided by Amazon Webservices including S3, EC2, auto scaling and automated deployments.

The engineering is supported by a team of QA engineers who perform both black and white box testing. In addition we have supporting consultants for internationalization and a staff who speak English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Serbian.

All engineering capabilities, QA and UI development are done by full time employed staff with rare necessity to resort to consultants. The only external resources we often use are graphic designers.

The technology stacks we support are selected based on a number of drivers not purely business but also resource and knowhow availability and be their proven ability for fast.