What do we do?

We build great software products for great companies.

We work with only a handful of customers. For our customers we are responsible for building the product from the idea up. Our customers depend on us to not only deliver a great product, but to support them from day 1 of their respective start-ups. We are key components in their fund-raising efforts, strategy development and sales pitches.

Our engineering methods, know-how and resourcing are geared to the special requirements of start-ups and corporates that need to innovate quickly. We build products at high speed, are capable of dealing with high change and low specification environments, are able to scale up and scale down quickly and go beyond the call of duty in meeting deadlines.

Our technology expertise extends from mobile development, to social network consumer applications and big-data applications. We fully understand the product management process (we can do it for you), UI development or even develop the next machine learning based big data solution.