Case Studies: Big & Fast Data

Having started out building Big Data Solutions we now offer Big Data consulting independent of our software engineering solutions. These include advisory services on Tool Choice as well as Infrastructure Design and Roadmap Planning.

We have worked on building platforms for large scale analytics using the Hadoop Ecosystem as well as built Real Time data processing systems for the Online Advertising and Banking Industry.


GridMine provides 15-minute deployment of Big Data Hubs. Any GridMine cluster can be deployed across multiple Cloud Hosting providers, including Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean. Big Data hubs operated by GridMine support a wide and ever increasing range of Open Source framework and tools.

GridMine is based on our expertise in big-data and analytics to reduce the cost and time to delivery of big-data analytics. ( ).

Technologies: Python, Ansible, Apache Ambari, Hadoop Ecosystem, ElasticSearch, Cassandra

Customer Location: UAE, Serbia, Switzerland

Customer Segmentation & Analytics

A platform for financial transaction processing, customer segmentation and predictive analytics for banks to channel merchant offers to their customers. The solution has been deployed in Europe and in the Far East. ( ). We provided the CTO services, Product Engineering and the Professional Services Team.

Technologies Used: Cassandra, Java (Spring), MySQL, Hive, ElasticSearch

Customer Location: UK / Germany

Customer Profile: Start-Up. Products installed at leading European and Asian Banks.

High-Performance Traffic Management

A high-performance traffic management and auditing service combined with micro-payment payment management. This service generates 100s of thousands of transactions annually and channels millions of visits every day.

We provide the CTO services and the technology team. The customer has scaled to multi-million Euro revenue in the 3 years we have been working with them.

Technologies Used: Cassandra, Java Spring, Kafka, ElasticSearch, PHP, Python.

Customer Location: UK

Customer Profile: Well established affiliate marketing company

Loyalty Solution for Banks

Transaction Analytics, location based offers and loyalty solutions. Leading banking solutions company in Europe. One of the few customers who has a parallel team of 60 engineers with ours.

Technologies Used: Hive, ML and NLP Algorithms, ElasticSearch, Java (Spring)

Customer location: UK, Italy

Advertising DMP Platform

DMP Platform for processing 2-3 billion clickstream events in a day with real-time customer profiling and analytics. We provide the CTO services and technical team.

Technologies Used: Grizzly Web Server, Kafka, Apache Ignite, Cassandra, Hive, Java.

Customer Location: UK, Spain

Customer Profile: Start-Up.

ML Based Image Rating and Categorization

An internal project for large scale image classification both in categorisation and well as popularity measurement. The project demonstrated the technology to index billions of images and determine the image quality using large scale image crawling followed by statistical and semantic context analysis. IP has now been sold and is in the process of being re-purposed for an image recognition and copyright auditing vendor.

Technologies Used: Hive, ML and NLP Algorithms, ElasticSearch, Java (Spring), Amazon SQL, Custom Search Tools.

Customer Location: Switzerland

Customer Profile: In-House Product.

Infrastructure Design FinTech, AdTech & IoT

We have consulted to multiple Fortune 500 companies on the design and implementation of their Big Data and Development Infrastructure. Our consulting and advisory includes Solution Design, Tool Selection, White Paper and Roadmap Development, Implementation of Security and Governance and Data Lake Planning.

We have offered consulting to multiple Business Intelligence and Analytics boutiques on implementing and standardising their in-house Data Platforms. Our experience with Real Time and Big Data Solutions allows us to consult to other Engineering on how best to implement technologies such as Kafka, Apache Ignite or InfluxDB.

Technologies Used: Various Big & Fast Data Technologies and CI Tools.

Customer Locations: Europe & Asia

Customer Profile: Fortune 500 Companies - Start-Ups.

ML Based Transaction Categorisation

For a major European Bank we developed a system to automatically classify transactions by Merchant Category. Our System proved to have an over 90% accuracy for categorising Merchants ( compared to <50% using a framework based on Google's Merchant Database). The transaction classification system is a core component underlying multiple solutions in Customer Segmentation, Marketing and Loyalty Management,

Technologies Used: LevelDB, Python, NLP Libraries, SparkML

Customer Location: Europe

Customer Profile: Leading European Bank

Customer Segmentation and Analytics Dashboard

For a major Global Bank we developed a system segment customers based on their card transaction history. The system analysed 100s of Millions of Transactions to derive the basic segmentation Characteristics. The Dashboard was capable of presenting the segmentation of over 20 Million Customers in real time.

Technologies Used: Hive, ML and NLP Algorithms, ElasticSearch, Java (Spring)

Customer Location: AsiaPAC

Customer Profile: Leading Asian Bank

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