Case Studies: Dev Ops and Cloud Management

Our expertise in Cloud Management and Dev Ops originates from our utilisation of the AWS Cloud for our projects since 2010. Since then we have managed multiple project on AWS some of which have hosted 100s of instances in the cloud. Our work on Big Data provided the next kick as we implemented the Cross Cloud Big Data deployment solution GridMine.

The GridMine technology has since been leveraged into DISTRIBOOTED the industry's first and only Cross-Cloud Application Market Place.

We now offer DevOps as a Service.

DISTRIBOOTED : The First App Store for the Cloud

DISTRIBOOTED is an Application and Cloud Management Platform which aims to provide a single-pane-of glass for Deployment, Configuration, Management and Monitoring of Server Applications across multiple Cloud Providers.

Technologies: Python, Ansible, Apache Ambari.

Customer Location: UAE, Serbia, Switzerland

Customer Profile: In-House Product


GridMine provides 15-minute deployment of Big Data Hubs. Any GridMine cluster can be deployed across multiple Cloud Hosting providers, including Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean. Big Data hubs operated by GridMine support a wide and ever increasing range of Open Source framework and tools.

GridMine is based on our expertise in big-data and analytics to reduce the cost and time to delivery of big-data analytics.

Technologies: Python, Ansible, Apache Ambari.

Customer Location: UAE, Serbia, Switzerland

Customer Profile: In-House Product

BI & Analytics Hub

A leading BI and Big Data Analytics consultancy contracted us to build their Big Data Hub for their staff of Data Scientists. The Hub hosts not only a Hadoop based infrastructure but includes Workbenches, Container Infrastructure for their custom applications and 3rd Party Products for Data and Document Analysis,. The Hub has been in use since late 2015 and is now being used as a template to create similar Hubs for their customers across Europe.

Technologies: Python, Ansible, Apache Ambari, MeteorJS, ElasticSearch (Hive integrated), Accumulo

Customer Location: Europe

Customer Profile: Well established BI & Data Science Company

Dev Ops as a Service

We now offer Dev Ops and Cloud Migration consulting as a service independent of our Application Developers. The first customers have been European Financial Institutions and IoT service providers. On the FinTech side the services are often around Big Data Implementations both In-House and in the Cloud. Within the IoT space our engagements are around designing scalable high speed ingestion and analytics pipelines and 24x7 Operations Support

Technologies: Python, Ansible, various Cloud Management Tools.

Customer Location: Europe, AsiaPac

Customer Profile: Fortune 500 Companies - Start-Ups.

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